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So, the GazettE held the 13th Anniversary live at Budokan on the 10th of March, and according to reports, they had built a staircase with 13 steps on it, and they opened the live by playing 13Stairs. :) They announced that 2015 will be a busy year: they're kicking off Project Dark Age with tours and a brand new album, called Dogma!

After the encores, they played one of the songs from the upcoming album.

The band is now 13 years old, leaving childhood behind and stepping into the teenage years! ;)

Pics under the cut )

You can find the offical homepage for this new project here!
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So, the GazettE has just put up a picture of their new look on their website, the look for their 13th anniversary live at Budokan. (Which, apparently, was sold out in 1 minute, btw!)

Click for a larger version!

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Aoi is still not back on Twitter, even though he is cheating his hiatus by constantly editing his profile bio with little messages, sometimes several times a day. But, in his absence, apparently Reita has decided to join the tweeters!

Reita has opened a Twitter account, and you can find it here if you want to follow him. :D

Of course, one of the first things he did was to upload a pic of himself. From chest down to thighs. pic under the cut )

So, Reita-fans, rejoice! :|D
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He turns 33 today, and he's still as gorgeous as ever!

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I made some icons from the first image of the new look that was released. Thought I'd share them with you. :)


Icons here!

Please let me know what you think about them, and which one(s) you want to use (just to know what's most popular). Oh, and the usual stuff: don't claim as your own. :D
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I still have a few minutes left of the 10th of March here! LOL

So, I wish our darling band the happiest of anniversaries while drooling over their new look! :D

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Because a while ago, I promised [personal profile] matchst_ck to post an edit of Reita. I also made a wallpaper/desktop background from it, so if you think it's cool, feel free to download it and use it. :) (Just, you know, the usual stuff: don't claim it as yours.)

I put a ridiculous amount of work into this. Hours! LOL Not that it was particularly appreciated where I originally posted it. ;) Pics that are desaturated (takes 20 seconds) gets loads more love than my stuff does, but I guess that's just how shit works. *grin* I'm still learning how to work with photoshop, but I'm pretty happy with this edit. :D

Click for larger version

As wallpaper/desktop background under the cut )

As always, comments are love! :)
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The incredibly awesome miss [livejournal.com profile] sweetlolixo has been kind enough to rip her copy of the world tour DVD to share it with us all! :D

Go to her post for download links, and don't forget to thank her for her effort! (It takes a lot of time to do all of this, and to upload so many segments, so she's worth all the praise and love!)

I got an email yesterday saying my copy was shipped, but it'll take some time before it arrives. And I'm so not going to wait for it before watching this! How about you? Excited yet?
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The wonderful and kind keigazerock on Tumblr has translated and subbed the Fuji TV Decade documentary and put it up on YouTube for us all to watch! Speaking for myself, I have found it frustrating to watch it and only understand a word here and there, so it was really nice to be able to see what they were saying, and what others said about the band. :D

More under the cut! )

What are your thoughts? Do you have any specific feels now that you know what they're saying? Comments? :D Please let me know I'm not alone in watching this and adoring them all!
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February 1st is Ruki's birthday!!! :D This year, he turned 32!

As always, we celebrate with a pic spam, and all of you are invited to participate by posting your favourite pics of him in the comments!

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Am I the only one keeping (and failing) tabs on the members' birthdays? LOL I'm sorry I couldn't post on the actual day! :(

Happy belated 35th birthday to our beloved SuperStar!!!

small picspam under the cut. Feel free to add your own favourite pics in the comments! )


Jan. 16th, 2014 02:52 pm
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One of my dearest friends had her birthday a week ago, and even though I'm still woefully blocked in regards to writing, at least I could make a little something for her in photoshop. And then I thought, hey, why not make a desktop background/wallpaper out of it? Because I'm tired of my old one, and this would look nice on my computer. So I did. :D

1920x1080 | 1366x768 | 1280x800

Hope you like it! Comments are love, btw, so if you like it and/or use it, please let me know! :D
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I am terribly late putting this link here, but I hope maybe some of you might find it useful anyway!

Aoi was featured in Rock & Read vol 51!

If you just want to see the pics you can visit sweetlolixo's tumblr here and here.

If you want to download really good scans and also read the interview (personally I can only look at it longingly, wishing for the day I can actually read it), visit mittilla here where she's put up links to the scans.

Don't forget to like their posts (click the little heart), or tell them they're awesome for sharing with us! It takes so much time to scan stuff like this. :D
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So, today was the final of the Magnificent Malformed Box tour: CODA. Sadly, imo, they did not play Sugar Pain, even though they have played it several times during the tour, so my wish to see that on the DVD is crushed. *sniff* (Full set list here! And a pic of some of the tour goods here.) Apparently, there was no pamphlet for the final! o.o They hadn't made a pretty pamphlet/photo book!!! :( This surprises me, I have to say, and I wonder what the reason for that was.

But, as always, they revealed a lot of cool stuff:

* A DVD of the final, to be released May 21
* In March, a Heresy only standing live tour, starting on the band's birthday, called Nameless Liberty Disorder Heaven
* During the summer, Pulse Wriggling to DIM Scene tour
* And in the autumn, another live tour called Groan of Venomous Cell

Looks like the themes of these tours will be their old albums, starting in March with Disorder and NIL songs.

So, the band will be busy as always! I hope they don't get overworked, and will find some time to also rest and have fun outside doing band things. :D

And now I wait impatiently for the release of the World Tour DVD... soooon! :) Did any of you preorder it? Anyone planning on buying the CODA DVD?
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Sorry for my absence... I'll try to do better in the future.

Anyway! Cool stuff!

The fanproject (on Tumblr) sparked by Ruki's comment in the MTV81 interview that he'd like to see fans holding their new CD is finished, and has been "delivered" to Ruki-san himself via Twitter!

He even retweeted the massage with the link to the video! Namelessliberty, who put the project together, has posted about it here!

Here's the link to the post about the finished project, with some explanations (250 submissions! 41 countries!) and credits for the music and for the translation of the messages in Japanese in the video, along with the link to YouTube.

I'm in there somewhere, and I know a few more people who are! :D
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So, to celebrate our beloved Leader-san's 32nd birthday, how about a pic spam? I'll post a bunch of pics, and then you'll comment with a few of your favourite ones as well, how does that sound? :D Let's turn this post into a real Kai appreciation monument!!! LOL

Oh, and if you want to tell us about the things you love most about Kai, things you admire about him, what he's meant to you, etc, we'd love to hear about it! :) Bring it on!

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Because I really needed to procrastinate, I made some desktop wallpapers, with matching icons. :D I made the wallpapers in three different sizes, but if you need a different one, just let me know and I'll fix it for you.

As always, please comment if you like them/take any/etc! <3 Comments are love, you know! And also, don't steal and pass them off as your own, m'kay? :D


Click for wallpapers!
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Like you may know, Reita, Ruki, and Aoi were once again invited to host a 4-hour radio show on NACK5 last night. (And this time, Aoi was invited from the beginning and didn't have to crash the party. LOL)

A kind soul recorded it, and ohmygazette has posted a link: Midnight Rock City 2013.10.19

A bunch of translated snippets are floating around both Twitter and Tumblr, but I'm no good with Twitter... (I just use it to peek at Aoi's and Ruki's tweets.) But here's some of the bits collected. (Apparently those were old, and I still haven't found any useful translations that is more than a sentence long. LOL) :) From what little I've listened to so far, though, it sounds like they had a very good time, with lots of laughing. Dorks. :D

ETA: Translation snippets can be read on Facebook fanpage Mad Marble Hell Vision!

ETA2: One of the dorkiest pics of the Gazeboys so far, I think:
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There are previews!!! Prelistens!!! LOL

If you want to get a sneak peek of what the songs on the new album sounds like, go here!!!

Tell me what you think! :D Any favorites? Speculations on who wrote what song? Remember that all the band members have written songs this time! :D
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So this is the second part to the recent interview [personal profile] ldybastet posted with the guys from MTV 81. Enjoy :)

The original can be viewed here.

If you want to see a couple of nice still shots of the interview they can be found here. I'm in love with Reita's boots and Ruki's shoes :3


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