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Name:Fans of the GazettE
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Community description:Fans of the GazettE
This is a community by fans and for fans of the Japanese Visual Kei band the GazettE.

If you like them, welcome! Come join the party!

We have a few simple rules here, and if you follow them, we'll all be good friends:

1. No nastiness. Be nice to each other. We can disagree on things without attacking each other as persons. I know common courtesy isn't as common as one would like, but please, be good to each other and the comm will be more welcoming to us all. Like the Gazeboys have said, it's just a matter of not fighting! It should be easy to do, just don't do it! :D

2. I'd like us to keep baseless rumours out of here, okay? Let's keep it to interviews and things they've said and done and shown us, and leave the crazy speculations to our own journals, m'kay. Until there's been an announcement of marriage for example, I don't want to see posts about this or that Gazeman being married. We simply don't know.

3. If you post pictures, please make sure it's not a FanClub only pic! Posts or comments containing those will be deleted. Also, when you post pictures or scans, give proper credit to the person who scanned them if it wasn't you. If you don't know who did, please mention that in the post, and if the scanner shows up and asks you to give credit or take it down, please do it. We don't want to get on bad terms with the awesome people who take the time and the effort to give other fans access to more material.

4. No fanfic here, please. Not every fan of the GazettE likes to think of them having strange adventures, going to high school, or having sex, so please post those in our sister-community [community profile] gazette_fanfic, thank you!

And now... are you ready?

Ride with the ROCKERS! ;)
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