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Aoi is still not back on Twitter, even though he is cheating his hiatus by constantly editing his profile bio with little messages, sometimes several times a day. But, in his absence, apparently Reita has decided to join the tweeters!

Reita has opened a Twitter account, and you can find it here if you want to follow him. :D

Of course, one of the first things he did was to upload a pic of himself. From chest down to thighs. pic under the cut )

So, Reita-fans, rejoice! :|D
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Because a while ago, I promised [personal profile] matchst_ck to post an edit of Reita. I also made a wallpaper/desktop background from it, so if you think it's cool, feel free to download it and use it. :) (Just, you know, the usual stuff: don't claim it as yours.)

I put a ridiculous amount of work into this. Hours! LOL Not that it was particularly appreciated where I originally posted it. ;) Pics that are desaturated (takes 20 seconds) gets loads more love than my stuff does, but I guess that's just how shit works. *grin* I'm still learning how to work with photoshop, but I'm pretty happy with this edit. :D

Click for larger version

As wallpaper/desktop background under the cut )

As always, comments are love! :)


Aug. 1st, 2013 10:33 am
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Guys! GUYS!

The new look for the Fadeless single has been revealed! And here's a spot for the new single too!

Individual looks under the cut! )

What are your thoughts? Anyone excited? :D
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It's already the 27th in Japan, and that means that it is Reita's birthday!!! So therefore, in the grand tradition of this community, this means we'll have a picspam!

Please post your favourite Reita pictures in the comments! :D

More under the cut! )
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Happy Gazemas!

Hoping you and your loved ones have a happy holiday. Thank you for being a member of our comm!

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And we haven't even started drinking today yet.

[personal profile] ldybastet's is far less.... embarrassing. it's infinitely awesomer!

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The 27th of May is a special day, because it's Reita's birthday!!! Congratulations boy, you're 31 now! LOL

Of course, to commemorate this day, we have to have a pic spam! :|D (and naturally, all emoticons should have a noseband!)

Reita, our favourite bassist! <3

No Reita, you can't fly! Now stop scaring the staff and start posing and playing instead!

More Reita hides under the cut )


May. 23rd, 2012 09:37 pm
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I got my copy the other day! And now I have managed to take a few (crappy) pics of the awesome photo book that came with the limited edition! The cover is gorgeous, btw, and I keep feeling like I'm falling into it!

cut for more pictures )
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I made these, if you'd like to use them, please give credit :)

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Our favourite bassist, Reita, is a very creative guy!

You remember the GemCarey rings the guys all designed a while back? Well, now Reita has designed a new ring, for Deal Design!

It looks really, really cool! And also, to be expected from Reita: manry. LOL

Have a look here, and tell me what you think!

Got crotch?

Aug. 9th, 2011 09:23 pm
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Sometimes the camera catches more than is perhaps intended... and sometimes it's very much intended and for the fans' enjoyment. Can you spot the common theme for these pictures? *g* Yes, it's focused on the centre of their... beauty.

Oh, and if you have some examples of your own that would fit in, feel free to post in comments, or in a new post. :)

So, this is image-heavy I will say, and will introduce us thoroughly to the GazettE members and ... members. ;) Enjoy!

Ruki, Uruha, Kai, Aoi, Reita, and Juniors under the cut! )
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It's been quiet here for a while. So... I thought, why not post a picture? And then I couldn't decide what to post. Or even which member to post a pic of, or if maybe I should post a group picture... It's just so difficult to decide!

Don't you agree?
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The GazettE are in the studio, recording stuff... and I'm not quite sure what is going on, but Ruki just posted a picture of Reita's arse on his Twitter. :D Umm... Playful mood?

You can see it here!
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If you can, go buy the next issue of Rock and Read! Reita is on the cover!!! :D

Picture, courtesy of the GazettE staff Twitter.


May. 27th, 2011 08:58 pm
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Today is a very special day! It's Reita's birthday! :D

It's Cockroach Cake! LOL

Happy 30th Birthday, Reita-san!!! ♥

ETA: Awww, according to Aoi's Twitter, he only had time to send Reita an email wishing him happy birthday, because he was busy making a song. Poor Reita. I hope there was someone who had time to eat cake with him!


May. 23rd, 2011 11:34 am
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After making fun of Reita in the Bendy Battles posts, I thought it was only fair to post one of my favourite pics of him. I think he's incredibly hot in this, despite hiding almost his entire face! Now, that is talent! *grin* But it's not often we get to see both his eyes. And the wet look is fabulous.

I found this particular pic somewhere in the Internet wilderness, but it's from the Nov 2008 issue of Arena 37° Special, and the person who made the scans originally is most likely rawkstarr23 on LiveJournal, because I've seen the entire photo shoot scanned by her. If I'm wrong and this pic was scanned by someone else, feel free to correct me. (There has to be more than one or two people on the entire Internet who scans Gaze-pages?)
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Because, as usual, the Internet is practically dead on weekends, it's time! Do you know what it's time for? No? Well, let me tell you then. It's time for:

The Battle of the Bendy Boys. Part 2.

We have reached the second half of the concert, and Uruha is warming up.

See more of the Amazing Bendy Battle under the cut )
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In honour of the "Three Weeks for Dreamwidth" celebration going on with the goal to increase the level of content and things happening on this site, I've made a silly little photo trip for your amusement.

I also wanted to make some kind of fan tribute to the incredible bendyness of some of the guys in the GazettE. And I know there are others who are rather fascinated as well. *waves to [personal profile] imma* So, also as a little "Welcome to the GazettE fandom, Imma, now you'll never escape its clutches" message, I give you:

The Battle of the Bendy Boys. Part 1.

Yes, let's listen to Ruki and check out Aoi! See the Amazing Bendy Battle under the cut )
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I mentioned in comments to the first post, the one with the Vortex picture, that I miss the old Reita-hair. So, I felt like posting a pic of it. :)

This is probably from the Maximum Royal Disorder final, or at least one of the concerts in that tour. It's a magazine scan, but I have no idea who's scanned it, sorry. I found it on tumbler, so it's probably wandered around the net without credit for a while. Click for a bigger version.

So, what do you think of the old Reita hair - the fauxhawk, the spikes, etc - and how do you feel about his new, almost-never-changing look? (That was a leading question, wasn't it? Sorry!) Oh, and isn't Uruha's smile just adorable? They both look so happy. :D


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