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The incredibly awesome miss [livejournal.com profile] sweetlolixo has been kind enough to rip her copy of the world tour DVD to share it with us all! :D

Go to her post for download links, and don't forget to thank her for her effort! (It takes a lot of time to do all of this, and to upload so many segments, so she's worth all the praise and love!)

I got an email yesterday saying my copy was shipped, but it'll take some time before it arrives. And I'm so not going to wait for it before watching this! How about you? Excited yet?
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This is not going to be a very coherent or detailed live report. ;) My brain just don't work like that. And I'm still all flaily over having seen the GazettE live, breathed the same sweaty air as them! :D

Anyway, Finland was a bit colder than Sweden, and even though wearing a fairly thick jacket I was so far gone with cold from standing in the line for 4 hours in 6°C that I was just completely introverted. :( It passed once we got inside though. After we'd been given our VIP passes and left jackets and bags in the coat room, we got to the merch table, and I had no idea what I wanted. I did want a poster, but I was certain it wouldn't survive the concert. So, in the end I bought a hoodie, and that was it. Tied it around my waist, and we went in to get some kind of not-too-bad spot. one of the staff that were standing on the side watching the merch-craze looked really familiar, and I soon realized I'd seen him on the Melt DVD, protecting Ruki when he ventured out into the crowd during Kantou. :)

More ramblings under the cut )
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The GazettE are very busy on their tour outside Japan, and have so far played in Mexico, Chile, And Argentina now. I think the setlist has been the same in all lives, so far, which sort of makes sense to me. Safe songs, songs that people already know, that are good for interaction with the audience, and that the band can play in their sleep. We don't get to hear the songs from the new single, but we get them in the Fadeless outfits. :D

So, yesterday Uruha represented the band in an interview made by Radio Vorterix in Argentina. He was asked about the music, about visual kei, if they go to lives themselves, about their outfits, and much more.

The link to the video is here. And now a very kind soul, kiirochan, on Tumblr has translated the interview! You can find it here.

I watched this last night and I was thrilled at the bits I understood (Damn! my Japanese studies are actually starting to pay off! Wooohooo! I actually understood a few bits here and there! :D ), but I was afraid to say anything too loud in case I'd totally misheard and misunderstood... But.

They're filming the whole experience of the tour and it's going to be on DVD!!! :D

YAY!!! *insert flaily Kermit here*

Yes, please, GazettE! Take all my money!!! :D And from what I've seen from pictures, where staff can be seen with vid cams in their hands, it's a good chance there will be some backstage stuff too. :D

(Now we just need someone to grab that interview vid and put it on YouTube, or make it downloadable. *g* Because I want to listen to Uruha's voice over and over, and melt from his smiles too...)


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