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Just a quick note to cheer over something I just found out:

VORTEX jumped into 5th place on the Oricon singles chart! (source)

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Hey, guys! Look what's up on YouTube! :D

The making of VORTEX!

The question is still: is Ruki wearing jeans or leather trousers? Inquiring minds want to knooooow!
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I bring shiny new video footage! Not the whole thing, sadly, but definitely a longer look at the PV than we've seen previously. Only a few more days...

Just look at Ruki swing that microphone. Unf. XD

Image post

May. 21st, 2011 01:07 pm
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I was going to post something completely different today, but then Aoi changed his profile picture on his Twitter account. :) So that other thing will have to wait.

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Aoi and Ruki have been spamming Twitter the last day or so... After the concert on the 10th, Ruki tweeted that he was taking a bath at the hotel, and that he had brought his PC to the bath with him! -_- Um, Ruki? You really need to buy a new iPhone if your Twitter addiction will drive you to such extremes! He did say that having the PC in the bath was exciting because if he dropped it, it would be over... I think he meant that the laptop would die. *shakes head* Personally, I think that is the wrong kind of excitement. *g*

They seemed to be happy about both concerts, and are now back in Tokyo, having taken the train back. Aoi, of course, complained about that. He doesn't much like travelling, as I've understood it. Soon, they'll do another twin concerts in Yokohama. :) I so wish I was in Japan and a HERESY member.

Ruki has a new profile picture on his Twitter now:

It's his new Vortex look. And of course, in black and white. Ruki likes b&w pictures.
I think his eyes are very intense here (well, the one eye we can see), very nice makeup. And of course he's wearing those nice leather gloves. :)
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I know there has been some expression of desire to see better pictures of Aoi's new fab hair. This is his new profile picture on Twitter, so it's an official pic, that he's put out into the wild himself. ;)

What do you think?

Personally, I think he looks awesome! I wish he'd stop hiding parts of his face, though. He has such a pretty mouth... But here, his eyes are really gorgeous too, and well, at least the mouth doesn't pull attention away from them? Yeah, avoiding the fact here that the pink will always attract at least 99.8% of the attention at any point in time! LOL Thoughts? Opinions? Ramblings?
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The traditional new single comment by the band is out for Vortex! (*squees* Only a few weeks to go - so excited!) Apologies for the poor quality, I can't find a better version:

They're all so giggly and cute here! :D Guesses as to what Kai promised Uruha to get him to actually talk? Or what the hell Kai is fiddling with all the way through? Actually, any clue at all about what they're saying would be nice. XD

Hopefully these vids aren't a fanclub-only thing, but I'm quite happy to delete this if they are. -_-;


Apr. 26th, 2011 06:31 pm
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First post, eh? ;)

We've just devoured the goodness that is the Tokyo Dome DVD (well, metaphorically speaking, mostly, otherwise there'd be some stomach ache, I think), and now we're waiting for the Vortex single.

This picture was originally posted here, and linked to from the GazettE staff Twitter.

So, what do you think of their looks?


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