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The wonderful and kind keigazerock on Tumblr has translated and subbed the Fuji TV Decade documentary and put it up on YouTube for us all to watch! Speaking for myself, I have found it frustrating to watch it and only understand a word here and there, so it was really nice to be able to see what they were saying, and what others said about the band. :D

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What are your thoughts? Do you have any specific feels now that you know what they're saying? Comments? :D Please let me know I'm not alone in watching this and adoring them all!
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Sorry for my absence... I'll try to do better in the future.

Anyway! Cool stuff!

The fanproject (on Tumblr) sparked by Ruki's comment in the MTV81 interview that he'd like to see fans holding their new CD is finished, and has been "delivered" to Ruki-san himself via Twitter!

He even retweeted the massage with the link to the video! Namelessliberty, who put the project together, has posted about it here!

Here's the link to the post about the finished project, with some explanations (250 submissions! 41 countries!) and credits for the music and for the translation of the messages in Japanese in the video, along with the link to YouTube.

I'm in there somewhere, and I know a few more people who are! :D
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Or watch it on the MTV 81 website, here. Seems like there will be a second part up soon. :D
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The GazettE are very busy on their tour outside Japan, and have so far played in Mexico, Chile, And Argentina now. I think the setlist has been the same in all lives, so far, which sort of makes sense to me. Safe songs, songs that people already know, that are good for interaction with the audience, and that the band can play in their sleep. We don't get to hear the songs from the new single, but we get them in the Fadeless outfits. :D

So, yesterday Uruha represented the band in an interview made by Radio Vorterix in Argentina. He was asked about the music, about visual kei, if they go to lives themselves, about their outfits, and much more.

The link to the video is here. And now a very kind soul, kiirochan, on Tumblr has translated the interview! You can find it here.

I watched this last night and I was thrilled at the bits I understood (Damn! my Japanese studies are actually starting to pay off! Wooohooo! I actually understood a few bits here and there! :D ), but I was afraid to say anything too loud in case I'd totally misheard and misunderstood... But.

They're filming the whole experience of the tour and it's going to be on DVD!!! :D

YAY!!! *insert flaily Kermit here*

Yes, please, GazettE! Take all my money!!! :D And from what I've seen from pictures, where staff can be seen with vid cams in their hands, it's a good chance there will be some backstage stuff too. :D

(Now we just need someone to grab that interview vid and put it on YouTube, or make it downloadable. *g* Because I want to listen to Uruha's voice over and over, and melt from his smiles too...)


Aug. 1st, 2013 10:33 am
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Guys! GUYS!

The new look for the Fadeless single has been revealed! And here's a spot for the new single too!

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What are your thoughts? Anyone excited? :D
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the GazettE opened their official YouTube channel. As you can see, the channel is run by Sony Music Entertainment Japan.

Some of their latest MVs have already been uploaded, such as "Shiver", "Pledge", "Remember the Urge" and "The Suicide Circus".

On the channel you can also see a 15 seconds and a 60 seconds preview of their latest DVD "MELT".

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idk if I tagged this correctly >.>
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As some of you may be aware, the results of the latest J-Melo awards were announced last night, and guess which band topped the polls for Most Requested Act? That's right, our boys! :|D

the GazettE on J-MELO Awards *02.17.13* by _blackthrone

There's going to be a GazettE live special next week as well to celebrate, so be sure to tune in! :D


Nov. 21st, 2012 12:27 am
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MTV81 has done an interview with the GazettE, it has English subtitles, and you can watch it here:

Part 1 and Part 2

Lots of Uruha, Kai, and Ruki, sadly not so much Aoi and Reita. Still awesome!

So, what do you think? :)
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For those of you that don't already know, the PV for Ibitsu has been put up on Youtube by Sony! See?

This means that a.) they're catering to their international audience for once, and b.) there should be no danger of this being pulled. :)

If you haven't yet watched it, I'd recommend it! It's a very pretty vid, and using the official vid is a nice cheap way of showing support for the band...
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It's been a while since we had a new video comment, right? This also presumably gives us our first look at the Heterodoxy outfits, seeing as scans haven't been forthcoming.

So, uh... Hair. Kai. Kai hair. Kai long hair. I... I don't quite know how I feel about this.

Ruki looks gorgeous though. ;)
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Pinching the link from [profile] gazette_media on LJ... I'm assuming none of us have seen this yet?

Haven't watched it all yet, but it looks like this is their full set. It's also definitely worth watching it in HD...

(*is greatly approving Kai's lack of sleeves*)
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Randomly found while trawling tumblr If anyone wants to attempt translating, I'd be ever so grateful... :)

Oh, and try not to get blinded by Ruki's sparkly gloves. ;)
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A little while ago, distracting moments in concerts were mentioned in a post here, and I thought... There are many, many, MANY distracting moments in both concerts and PVs! So... why not make a little post with some of them?

What do you think of these examples? If you think I've missed something that you found distracting, comment with a clip! :D

Uruha from Heisei Banka

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First, a quick clip from Summer Sonic to start things off:

(I'm afraid I have no idea what the sound quality's like, as I'm at work, but at the very least it looks pretty!)

You can see the Remember the Urge outfits in action here (unlike in the PV...) and they look really good! Much better in action, IMO, especially Uruha...

Which (sort of) brings me to my main point - lives! There have been many of them, and we all have our favourites, so what's yours? Personally, I'm very fond of RCE, if only because of Sugar Pain... Feel free to spam this post with pics and videos to make a case for yours! :)
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This is something I like to do once in a while, comparing live versions of certain songs. I do it because I find it fascinating to see both the similarities and the differences, to see how the GazettE has developed, both in their skills and in their stage personas/performances.

A song I really love, and that they play often on their lives is Akai One Piece, from their very first single. It's a good song, and they always seem to have a lot of fun while playing it, and that is important to me as well.

So, here are two versions, one very early, from Heisei Banka (2004) and from Tokyo Dome (2010). The Heisei Banka clip goes on longer than the song, so stop it at 4.30, when the song ends, and watch the TD version directly after... :D


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