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Aoi is still not back on Twitter, even though he is cheating his hiatus by constantly editing his profile bio with little messages, sometimes several times a day. But, in his absence, apparently Reita has decided to join the tweeters!

Reita has opened a Twitter account, and you can find it here if you want to follow him. :D

Of course, one of the first things he did was to upload a pic of himself. From chest down to thighs. pic under the cut )

So, Reita-fans, rejoice! :|D
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If anyone had any doubts that Aoi is single, he's just proven it to us again:



Translation by もう一度:

@official_aoi All the couples walking around Daikanyama are so lovey dovey, it's annoying...

*grin* Poor Aoi. Married to his guitars, and his drinking buddies. :D

Aoi tweets

May. 8th, 2012 10:56 am
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Oh, Aoi! :) An hour ago he tweeted this:

aoi ‏ @official_aoi
こうかな? http://moby.to/8no7ah

Apparently, he realised he can record stuff on his iPhone, upload it to the interwebs, and then tweet the link. LOL So, here you go, Aoi sharing a moment of random guitar playing with his followers!

Any bets on whether he was smoking while doing this? 8)´

Here's a download link, courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] defectivecoma: Download
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This is a sad day!

The wonderful person doing the translations of Ruki and Aoi's Twitters and also some magazine articles on a blog has announced today that they can't continue. It sounds like real life have happened, and so they can't do this kind of stuff any longer.

Read more here for their own words.

Personally, this makes me very sad, because I have loved their translations, both on Twitter and their blog. Selfish, but yeah. At the same time, I really hope whatever circumstances has forced them to withdraw from doing this will change for the better. Even if they don't come back to *us*. This is a person who's given so many fans lots of joy and smiles and who's been like a tiny window into some of the GazettE members' words and thoughts through their translations. They deserve the best! <3 <3 <3
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Aoi is always inspiring me to work harder at learning Japanese. I'd love to understand his tweets without the help of the awesome people at gazetweet_eng. They do an amazing job, but I'd still like to understand directly. *g* Anyway! Aoi makes me laugh a lot. Love his sense of humour.

From his tweets yesterday:
[[Aoi]] Right, reached the studio. Today I intend to play tones more romantic than even the Milky Way.

[[Aoi]] I sent several wallpapers to all the people with bon:cra-z and I’m glad they responded favourably. I’m preparing for the chance to let the fans have them too. Yes. (´¥_¥`)

[[Aoi]] OK! I’ll leave it that way! RT Please let it be free of charge (´∵`)

[[Aoi]] But provided the girls wear bikinis and the boys wear boomerangs please (*´σー`) Also, I know nothing about this if the policeman calls ┏○)) bows

Oh, Aoi. LMAO! Boomerangs? Aoi wants to see that the boys are happy to see him? ;)

More Aoi strangeness )

I think he's worrying a little too, about the upcoming 7 Days event. He might be in trouble...

[[Aoi]] I can’t memorize the lyrics… . My story looks ready to collapse. _| ̄|○

Awww, poor Aoi. I have a feeling he'll be very happy when this is over and he can hand the microphone over to Ruki permanently. ;)
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Perhaps this will lead to more picspam?

First, he shared a picture of a ガゼット guitar pic

Then, a rather beat up guitar.


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The GazettE are in the studio, recording stuff... and I'm not quite sure what is going on, but Ruki just posted a picture of Reita's arse on his Twitter. :D Umm... Playful mood?

You can see it here!
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About an hour ago, as I type this, Ruki posted some images on his Twitter account. It looks like this might possibly be new goods for the GazettE... Although I can't say anything for certain, since my Japanese is so very bad. *grin* I lack the context for these, but it seems plausible? Right? New tour goods? :D

Anyway, here are the pictures, and as a bonus you get to see one of Ruki's hands. Twice. ;)

This is what he posted:
"MODERN PIRATES×BLACK MORAL!まずはレザーブレス。" Modern Pirates x Black Moral bracelet.

"そして、GOLD ver!" And a gold version.

"スマートフォンケース!俺はキーチェーンに着けてます。カードケースとしても行けるんだわ。" A Smartphone case. (and he says something about his key-chain?)

"ラストはベルト!" And lastly, belts!
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Hey, sorry for the long absence!

So, news about Aoi?

He's been persuaded to get an iPhone! So now he, too, is using an abundance of adorable emoticons. He wasn't very hard to convince, as I saw from his tweets.

うふっ。RT @SatoyanMusic: @Aoi_theGazettE 君もiPhoneゲットだな。(笑)

[[Aoi]] ufuu. RT @ SatoyanMusic @ Aoi_theGazettE You might as well get an iPhone too. (laughs)


[[Aoi]] When I changed the phone→Smartphone, the fact that it won’t load the SD card was strange to begin with. But will it be better to go for an iPhone already? I think, with everything in my house a Mac, just the phone being different is also something to start considering. (:.;゚;Д;゚;.:)ハァハァ

and the next tweets from Aoi?

*・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*


[[Aoi]] I wasn’t being able to use iPhone’s 3G line so I called up docomo and they gave me instructions about it. Thanks!

He'd bought one! LOL

Also, as of yesterday, Aoi's hair is no longer pink! I have to admit that I am a little sad about this fact. It was cool! Even if it seemed to be difficult to keep the intense colour and to get it look right in photos. He hasn't said what his hair colour is yet... I have a feeling there will be more info later.
click to see more )
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So, the guys have made it to Nagoya, riding the shinkansen (despite Kai's utter dislike of trains, poor man). Aoi was spamming his Twitter account for most of the ride, I think, although he claimed that he'd also been working and got himself drunk too... ;)

Tomorrow is the first part of the last of the fanclub two concepts concerts. After this, I guess there will be no more Abyss or Lucy. Does that mean that Uruha's hair goes back to blond again? So much bleach... I wish I had their kind of hair quality! *grin*

Ruki wasn't tweeting quite as much as Aoi... But instead, he graced his followers with a picture of himself. Well... part of himself, anyway. ;)

And Aoi has asked Reo from Lynch out for a date. ;) I think they are only going for drinks and/or food... But he did ask for a date. *grin*

The three songs from the VORTEX single has climbed high on lists... They've been very popular to download, and they've almost monopolised the Haishin TOP 5, taking places 1, 3, and 5! :D Good work, guys!
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There's an article plus translations about Ruki's responses to various people congratulating him/them on the release of Vortex up on Music Japan plus. Ruki is truly the Master of Emoticons! LOL (Yes, he's bought a new iPhone, so he's spamming his Twitter account again.)

Find it here!

I think my absolute favourite is ♪(´ε` ). It's just so cute! What's your favourite?
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Aoi and Ruki have been spamming Twitter the last day or so... After the concert on the 10th, Ruki tweeted that he was taking a bath at the hotel, and that he had brought his PC to the bath with him! -_- Um, Ruki? You really need to buy a new iPhone if your Twitter addiction will drive you to such extremes! He did say that having the PC in the bath was exciting because if he dropped it, it would be over... I think he meant that the laptop would die. *shakes head* Personally, I think that is the wrong kind of excitement. *g*

They seemed to be happy about both concerts, and are now back in Tokyo, having taken the train back. Aoi, of course, complained about that. He doesn't much like travelling, as I've understood it. Soon, they'll do another twin concerts in Yokohama. :) I so wish I was in Japan and a HERESY member.

Ruki has a new profile picture on his Twitter now:

It's his new Vortex look. And of course, in black and white. Ruki likes b&w pictures.
I think his eyes are very intense here (well, the one eye we can see), very nice makeup. And of course he's wearing those nice leather gloves. :)


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