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Our favourite demon singer/composer/lyric writer is now 30 years old! Happy birthday, Ruki-san!!! Wooohooo! \o/

Birthday wishes to Ruki was actually trending worldwide for a while on Twitter! So... Gazefans have been busy! :)

Ruki has gone through quite a transformation over the years, growing up and maturing. So, in honour of our favourite stage-perv, have a picspam!

More pics under the cut! )
Do you have any favourite pics of Ruki you'd like to share? :D Let's make this an awesome Ruki-post! <3
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Here's something cool that you may not know about:

You know the track Omega from Toxic, right? The last one on the CD... It sounds pretty weird - cool, but weird.

Someone has apparently made the effort to reverse the song and has also uploaded the result! What we find, is that Ruki is there, speaking some of the lyrics from Suicide Circus!

Have a listen here! :D
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Sunday, 23 October
2:30 PM EST or
7.30 PM BST or
8.30 PM CEST or
3.30 AM Monday in Japan
(I want to make sure everyone knows what time it is LOL)

#GazeROCK on irc.sorcery.net

What you need:
Toxic (duh XD)

Come join us!!!

If you don't have a chat program installed on your comp, don't know how/can't be bothered, but want to chat, here's a webchat:
Just enter a nickname and type #GazeROCK in the channel box!


Oct. 15th, 2011 12:25 am
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I got this beauty in the mailbox yesterday! And I thought I'd brag post a few pics to show you what the awesome Limited Edition looks like. :D

Cut for those who don't want to see it )
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SO. [personal profile] ldybastet  got her copy of Toxic yesterday, I still haven't got mine, and I've not heard of any squeeing from [personal profile] zabimitsuki  regarding her copy... And no one else replied to the last post about the listening party XD

That being said, it's probably best if we push this out a week. October 23, let's get together! We haven't yet decided on a time to meet, so post here with suggestions about what time during the day is best, but don't forget about those damn time zones.

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So, the Oricon chart, based on one day's sale of the new album: the GazettE's TOXIC debutes on 3rd place! (with a bit over 10 000 copies sold) Good place, but really? Only 10 000 copies sold? O.o

Go boys!!! :D
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The full HQ version of the Suicide Circus PV has finally been released!

To watch it, go to Sony Music's page, and click on the rectangle on the left containing "THE GAZETTE". When the scrolly text in the window to the right has stopped, click where it says "The SUICIDE CIRCUS". :D

If you want a slightly bigger frame to watch it in, with less distractions around it, click on the second symbol from the right at the bottom of the frame. (Between the green square thing and the button "Close".)


(Thanks for the tip to [personal profile] zabimitsuki!)

After watching, please comment and tell us what you think! :D
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We're soooo close to seeing the release of TOXIC, and we'll all soon have it in our hands! So let's have a listening party! But, this could be tricky with all of us in different countries, so post here what days/times are best for you, so we can coordinate a chat party.

I'm thinking it may be easiest for us to have it on a weekend because of the time differences. What are your thoughts?
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For those who want to hear snippets of the songs on GazettE's new album before it's released, here's a link for you!

Amazon has snippets from a bit into the songs, not from the beginnings. :)
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The OHP has been updated with the cover art for both the regular and first press editions. They're very Ruki. That's all I have to say on the matter. XD The members page has also been updated with their Suicide Circus looks - for those of you who have already seen Uruha's current look, it gets worse. He appears to be wearing a dress with his bin bag. *sobs*

More importantly, they've announced that the first press edition will come with an art book! :D 28.1 x 21.7cm (so not tiny CD-case size), 80 pages and (according to the staff twitter) packed with plenty of photos of the band... That frantic typing noise you hear is me preordering the hell out of this. :D


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