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the GazettE opened their official YouTube channel. As you can see, the channel is run by Sony Music Entertainment Japan.

Some of their latest MVs have already been uploaded, such as "Shiver", "Pledge", "Remember the Urge" and "The Suicide Circus".

On the channel you can also see a 15 seconds and a 60 seconds preview of their latest DVD "MELT".

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idk if I tagged this correctly >.>
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The full HQ version of the Suicide Circus PV has finally been released!

To watch it, go to Sony Music's page, and click on the rectangle on the left containing "THE GAZETTE". When the scrolly text in the window to the right has stopped, click where it says "The SUICIDE CIRCUS". :D

If you want a slightly bigger frame to watch it in, with less distractions around it, click on the second symbol from the right at the bottom of the frame. (Between the green square thing and the button "Close".)


(Thanks for the tip to [personal profile] zabimitsuki!)

After watching, please comment and tell us what you think! :D
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Look, moar goodness! :D

IMO, I think there's too much of the kids and not enough of our boys, but there's some really cute shots in here for Uruha and Kai fans. Enjoy! :P
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Well, will you look at what leaked... It's pretty poor quality, but I'm sure someone will put up an HD version soon.

Thoughts, opinions, etc? :)
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Hey, guys! Look what's up on YouTube! :D

The making of VORTEX!

The question is still: is Ruki wearing jeans or leather trousers? Inquiring minds want to knooooow!
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I bring shiny new video footage! Not the whole thing, sadly, but definitely a longer look at the PV than we've seen previously. Only a few more days...

Just look at Ruki swing that microphone. Unf. XD
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As we're still waiting impatiently for the Vortex PV to come out (or is that just me?), I thought it might be fun to discuss some of our favourite PVs and, well, squee. Loudly. XD

Two of mine behind the cut )

So, what do you think? Feel free to post links to your favourites and witter on at length about them in the comments. You never know, they might be shiny and new to some of the other members. ;)


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