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It's been a little silent here lately, probably because the holiday season is steadily sneaking up on us! So... another meme question:

Day 8: Your favourite song from NIL.

What's yours, and why do you like it best? :)
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Sunday's DIM listening party online was a blast! We had so much fun! :D I want to say thank you to those who participated, especially to those who were actually in the path of tropical storm Sandy! And to those of you who missed it, don't worry. We'll have a party again. :)

So, it's Halloween, and Ruki loves his skulls and gore... so I thought it would be appropriate with another meme question:

Day 7: Your favourite song from DISORDER.

I must say, it's much easier to choose when it's just from one album!
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As a little warmup for tomorrow's festivities and online meetup, let's have another meme question!

Day 6: Your favourite PV.

Because it's soooooooo easy to choose just one, right? ;) Please feel free to go into all the reasons why this is your fave PV! Or why you can't choose one, if that is the case.
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Right, so let's get the next question up! :)

Day 5: Your favourite single.

Feel free to elaborate on why and if your favourite song on the single is actually the main song or one of the coupling songs!
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To celebrate Division Day, let's have another installment of the GazettE meme! :D

Day 4: Your favourite mini album.

Come on and reveal your opinions! Let us know what you think.
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As you may have noticed, I'm not exactly posting these *every* day. :D But that's okay, right? Spreading it out a bit more?

Day 3: Your favourite album.
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I'd like to thank everyone who participated and gave their replies to the first question! :D

Now, here's the next one:

Day 2: Who's your favourite member?
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[personal profile] zabimitsuki pointed me to a GazettE meme the other day, and I thought it would be cool if, instead of doing it all by our lonesomes, we'd do it together here in the comm instead! :D

And for latecomers in the future, feel free to add your answers in the comments, no matter how "late" you see this post! No Gaze-discussion here gets too old, really. *grin*

So, I'll start with posting today's question and also put up my answer to it!

Day 1: How and when did you discover The GazettE?


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