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edit: the powers that be (PSC? Sony?) have decided we don't get to see our boys. No live feed. :(

Just about 2.5 hours until GazettE performs live at Kubana fest in Russia! You're going to watch it, right?

Here's the details (from Mad Marble Hell Vision on facebook):

22:30 (10:30pm) Moscow time.

United States time:
2:30pm Eastern
1:30pm Central
12:30pm Mountain
11:30pm Pacific

It will be streamed on the KUBANA youtube:

[edit - i added the URL to the live feed that
[personal profile] ldybastet pointed me too cos I couldn't find it >.>)

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I thought this may possibly be of interest to everyone:

Division previews

The folder seems to have everything apart from Ibitsu, Derangement, and the SEs. Bear in mind they are just previews though, and I'm pretty sure they can't be downloaded. (Although if you find out how, do let me know... ;) ) How do the full tracks compare to the Amazon previews - anything you love that you though you'd hate, or vice versa? Which track stands out the most to you?

Also, only one day to go! Has anyone's copy been shipped yet? :D

EDIT: They've been taken down! D: I'll edit this post later if I happen to find more, but for the moment, please feel free to continue discussing any songs you've heard. :)
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Perhaps this will lead to more picspam?

First, he shared a picture of a ガゼット guitar pic

Then, a rather beat up guitar.


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I have to say that I really admire all the wonderful people in fandom who take the time and make the effort to translate videos, interviews, video comments, and radio shows and share with the rest of us! I am very grateful for all their hard work, and I have to admit that I would really like to get to that kind of language proficiency myself so that I can do some of that too!

A wonderful person has translated and posted the first third of the radio interview from May 27th with Ruki and Aoi!

You can find it here! It's a really funny show, and Aoi and Ruki are adorable and dorky as usual. :) Please, give the translator some love for her work too! (^ー^)ノ
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There's an article plus translations about Ruki's responses to various people congratulating him/them on the release of Vortex up on Music Japan plus. Ruki is truly the Master of Emoticons! LOL (Yes, he's bought a new iPhone, so he's spamming his Twitter account again.)

Find it here!

I think my absolute favourite is ♪(´ε` ). It's just so cute! What's your favourite?


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