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Our favourite demon singer/composer/lyric writer is now 30 years old! Happy birthday, Ruki-san!!! Wooohooo! \o/

Birthday wishes to Ruki was actually trending worldwide for a while on Twitter! So... Gazefans have been busy! :)

Ruki has gone through quite a transformation over the years, growing up and maturing. So, in honour of our favourite stage-perv, have a picspam!

More pics under the cut! )
Do you have any favourite pics of Ruki you'd like to share? :D Let's make this an awesome Ruki-post! <3

Got crotch?

Aug. 9th, 2011 09:23 pm
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Sometimes the camera catches more than is perhaps intended... and sometimes it's very much intended and for the fans' enjoyment. Can you spot the common theme for these pictures? *g* Yes, it's focused on the centre of their... beauty.

Oh, and if you have some examples of your own that would fit in, feel free to post in comments, or in a new post. :)

So, this is image-heavy I will say, and will introduce us thoroughly to the GazettE members and ... members. ;) Enjoy!

Ruki, Uruha, Kai, Aoi, Reita, and Juniors under the cut! )

Image post

May. 19th, 2011 03:41 pm
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I'm sorry for not having posted in a few days! But, do remember that all members of the community can post. :) I don't want you to feel like you don't dare or something, just because I am spammy. *grin*

I decided that it's time for a pic of our favourite drummer. Don't you agree? Click for a bigger version.

Okay, so there's Uruha as well. Two for the price of one? Anyway, I think this is a really good picture of them. They look so sophisticated! :) And I really, really like the Hyena look for these two.

I know it's part of a magazine shoot, but I don't know which one... sorry. Since I found this picture from someone who'd found it on the internet, I also have no idea who the original scanner and uploader is.


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