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So, it's the time for all those yearly charts and stuff like that to be put together and posted, you know? CD-Japan has now put their stats up for the year, and apart from the specific J-pop, Visual Kei, anime cd, soundtracks, etc, etc, they also have the "all" list...

On third place on the "all" list, we find the Limited Edition of the GazettE's DIVISION!

On 12th place, guess what we find there? Yep, the Limited Edition of the GazettE's OMEGA DVD!

Isn't that just awesome? :D

(The regular edition of DIVISION is on 26th place, btw.)
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I posted this in my community and saw that no one posted it here, so here we go:


Visual kei band ‘the GazettE’ released their latest album “DIVISION” on August 29, and now they plan on releasing it in 62 countries throughout the world. Though the band hasn’t held a live abroad in four years since their last European tour in October 2007, their new album has entered various music charts throughout the world, including: Amazon UK’s “Hard Rock & Metal” newly issued album chart at #12 and the TOP 10 on Finland and France’s iTunes Store “Rock” charts.

The album will be released in 39 countries in Europe including England, Germany, France, and Italy. It will be released in 14 countries throughout Asia including Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Korea. It will also be released to countries in North and South America: The United States, Canada, Brazil, and Chile, as well as countries in Oceania: Australia and New Zealand. This definitely tops their previous work “TOXIC”, which was released in 39 countries.

the GazettE has also announced that they would start a hall tour “LIVE TOUR12 -DIVISION- GROAN OF DIPLOSOMIA 01“ in October. The tour will kick off at Yokosuka Arts Theatre on October 8, and will finish the tour at NHK Hall on November 29 (total 24 performances).

sources: 1, 2

it doesn't say how they are going to release it so I think either through iTunes or Amazon?
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9/15 NEW INFO!!!

WHEN: 9/16 12-3PM EST / 5-8PM GMT / 6-9PM CET / 1-4AM in Japan

#GazeRock webchat for those who don't have mIRC, pIRCh, or other IRC programs

So, from the responses to the post [personal profile] ldybastet made, there are a few of us who definitely plan on joining in on a listening party. Yay! Now the hard part - coordinating place and time for everyone to be together!

First, the WHEN - how does everyone feel about this weekend? Is Saturday or Sunday better for you?
Note: So far Sunday is the tentative day, perhaps 12-3pm EST/6-9pm GMT?
NOTE 2nd - this is 5-8pm GMT. cate can't do math. This is now the official time!

Second, the WHERE - IRC! We'll update this space with channel and server names, and web-based chat for those that don't have an IRC client.

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For those of you that don't already know, the PV for Ibitsu has been put up on Youtube by Sony! See?

This means that a.) they're catering to their international audience for once, and b.) there should be no danger of this being pulled. :)

If you haven't yet watched it, I'd recommend it! It's a very pretty vid, and using the official vid is a nice cheap way of showing support for the band...
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I thought this may possibly be of interest to everyone:

Division previews

The folder seems to have everything apart from Ibitsu, Derangement, and the SEs. Bear in mind they are just previews though, and I'm pretty sure they can't be downloaded. (Although if you find out how, do let me know... ;) ) How do the full tracks compare to the Amazon previews - anything you love that you though you'd hate, or vice versa? Which track stands out the most to you?

Also, only one day to go! Has anyone's copy been shipped yet? :D

EDIT: They've been taken down! D: I'll edit this post later if I happen to find more, but for the moment, please feel free to continue discussing any songs you've heard. :)
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So, we've all heard that the limited edition of Division is going to be huge, right? There's been information about 1 kg or 1.5 kg even, and 5 cm thick and then 3 cm thick... So, what does this actually mean?

Sony Music to the rescue!

They've posted a comparison picture on Twitter, along with this message:

the GazettEのニューアルバム「DIVISION」今週29日(水)発売です!重さ1kg超、厚さ5cmで話題の初回盤はこちら!!!
- Sony Music Records via Twitter (@SMR_info)

All I can say about this is WHOA!!!!! :D

I didn't know I could be more excited. *g*
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Well, after the excitement of the previews/preaudios of the new album, there's now fresh information out about the physical appearance of the limited edition of the album:

According to @YukiKunOfficial, who has translated a Japanese article about the CD:

As a result, the Limited Edition package and will be stunning blow away the concept of this CD for up to 5cm thick, it weighs 1kg surprise, artwork must-see highlight that word. Epic seems to have become a glimpse of the attitude of the GazettE to stick to the “things”.

So... two inches thick! And superheavy! I guess there has to be one hell of a photo book included! :)

Or a large, perfectly round rock... Rock and Roll. ;) (Sorry.)

There's also a preview of the cover of the next issue of R&R, the issue that is taken over by Kai!

(Thanks to @GazettEEUROPE for the heads up.)

This is being released the same day as the album. Kind of cool, if you ask me! Has anyone already ordered this, or are you going to? I know I'd like to but... Since I'm paying a fortune for the above item, this will have to wait a little. :|D
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30 seconds previews of all the standard edition tracks are up on Amazon here!

Opinions? My most replayed tracks at the moment are Dripping Insanity, Yoin, and Kago no Sanagi, but that last one shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that knows me... ;)
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So, thanks to Aoi's Buzz Rock radio show, we've now had a chance to hear longer (although still not full) versions of both Ibitsu and Derangement. Has everybody heard them? If so, what do you think?

Personally, I rather love them both, but they are very different in feel. Ibitsu is more 'classic' GazettE, if that makes any sense, whereas Derangement wouldn't be out of place in Toxic.

Anyway, previews are below - feel free to compare and discuss in the comments! :D



(Mods? May I get a Division tag please? :|D)


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