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Watching The Decade with members of this group on Sunday made me think about how the show was put together - through suggestions of songs from fans. So that brought up an interesting question: If you could put together your dream GazettE live, what songs would be in it?

Let's say this is a show about the same length as The Decade: seventeen songs in the main body of the show, ten in the encores. We'll say there's some songs that are a given: Filth in the Beauty, Ride with the Rockers, Linda and Kantou. But for the rest of the show, go to it!
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It's been a little silent here lately, probably because the holiday season is steadily sneaking up on us! So... another meme question:

Day 8: Your favourite song from NIL.

What's yours, and why do you like it best? :)
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As a little warmup for tomorrow's festivities and online meetup, let's have another meme question!

Day 6: Your favourite PV.

Because it's soooooooo easy to choose just one, right? ;) Please feel free to go into all the reasons why this is your fave PV! Or why you can't choose one, if that is the case.
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[personal profile] zabimitsuki pointed me to a GazettE meme the other day, and I thought it would be cool if, instead of doing it all by our lonesomes, we'd do it together here in the comm instead! :D

And for latecomers in the future, feel free to add your answers in the comments, no matter how "late" you see this post! No Gaze-discussion here gets too old, really. *grin*

So, I'll start with posting today's question and also put up my answer to it!

Day 1: How and when did you discover The GazettE?
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So, thanks to Aoi's Buzz Rock radio show, we've now had a chance to hear longer (although still not full) versions of both Ibitsu and Derangement. Has everybody heard them? If so, what do you think?

Personally, I rather love them both, but they are very different in feel. Ibitsu is more 'classic' GazettE, if that makes any sense, whereas Derangement wouldn't be out of place in Toxic.

Anyway, previews are below - feel free to compare and discuss in the comments! :D



(Mods? May I get a Division tag please? :|D)
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[This appeared in a different form on my personal LJ - apologies to those seeing it twice!]

Last weekend, I went to Anime North, a con in Toronto. Things didn't quite go as planned - friends fighting with each other and another friend getting injured - to the point where she had to go to the hospital (she spent the rest of the con in a wheelchair) - kind of put a damper on things. But one very good thing that happened was I ended up co-running the con's GazettE panel - and I didn't even plan to!

I had just come from a My Little Pony photoshoot (I was cosplaying a human Twilight Sparkle) I thought we were going to be late, because I was pushing my friend in the wheelchair and we had mobility issues. (This is making me think about how cons should be more handicapped accessible). We were late, all right - but there were no panelists. So we waited. And waited. And finally, a member of the con staff came in and said he was going to have to cancel the panel because the panelists weren't showing up.

At that point, I stood up and said I'd done panels before and I knew the band, I could run it. A guy a couple of rows behind me said he'd done a GazettE panel at this con before, and he could do it, too. So the staffer told us to go ahead. So, yay, improvised GazettE panel!

We didn't have much to work with, and, of course, no planning. We just had a brief discussion about where we were coming from - my co-panelist said he didn't want just a squeefest, he's a musician himself and he wanted to talk about the music. I said that was fine. Armed with only his Zune loaded with all the band's albums and an ancient laptop that belonged to the con, we soldiered forth.

It actually turned out to be a lot better than one would expect. We started out by talking about how we got into the band and what makes them unique - we talked about their musical versatility (I pointed out how Burial Applicant is sort of a microcosm of what they can do, since it goes from a mellow groove to death metal and back and makes it all sound natural) and their changing style over the years. There was also discussion of the concept that Ruki pulls the band from the front and Kai pushes it from behind (I described the cartoon I'd seen on Tumblr illustrating that concept literally - Ruki dragging along Reita, Kai pushing Aoi carrying a passed-out Uruha).

At one point, we were talking about how Uruha always seems to be lazy when you read interviews with the band, but he more than gets the job done as a songwriter and onstage. And then, an audience member brought up the famous thighs. My co-panelist said, jokingly, "How come every time I get into any kind of discussion with fans about the GazettE, it always ends up with a discussion of Uruha's thighs?" This brought about a lot of laughter.

I tried to get My Devil On The Bed (from Omega) to play from YouTube, since the laptop was connected to a screen, but due to the laptop being ancient with a crappy processor, it kept freezing up right around the time of the initial pelvic thrusting. (GHAAAA!) We ended up not being able to show it.

Around the 45 minute mark, who should stumble in but the person who was supposed to run the panel. She apologized profusely, saying she forgot her own panel because she was talking to one of the guitarists from one of the bands playing at the con. Um, yeah, that's called "not a valid excuse" in most universes.

So that incident ended up redeeming the rest of the con. I really enjoyed it, and I'd like to do another panel along those lines (and an Alice Nine one as well) at another con.
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Something I've been wondering about that longtime fans might know: Just how true is the backstory of Reila I've seen circulated around the Net? Has Ruki ever come out and said the song is about a girlfriend who committed suicide? The whole thing sounds suspiciously like fangirl urban myth to me, the kind of thing that hit the Net as a rumor and then brushfired out of control. Thoughts?
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2011 has really been a great Gaze-year, hasn't it? :)

There was the the FC Abyss/Lucy tour, Vortex single, PSC session bands for Ruki and Aoi, Summer Sonic, Remember the Urge single, Toxic, and the Venomous Cell tour! They also got the J-Melo award for the most requested Japanese band... and that award program was recently voted as the most watched too, so it will be rebroadcast on NHK World on Jan 8th! (at 11.10am Japanese time, if anyone wants to watch it)

Did I forget anything?

It looks like things are still busy, though, with the final of the Venomous Cell tour still waiting for them in January - the other day, Ruki said goodnight on Twitter at 6.30am, his time! Ruki, you should go to bed a little earlier than that!!! And Aoi has been busy going to concerts (Born)... :)

What are we hoping for or expecting in 2012?

I would very much like to see them filming the final of VC and releasing it on DVD! They have to, right? It's the final of a tour promoting their new CD! Has anyone heard or seen any news about this yet?

In March the GazettE will be 10 years old. Can we expect a special anniversary live? They've done that before!

What else? New singles and PVs, of course! :D But what do *you* hope they'll do in 2012, and what were your favourite Gaze-moments during 2011?
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Sunday, 23 October
2:30 PM EST or
7.30 PM BST or
8.30 PM CEST or
3.30 AM Monday in Japan
(I want to make sure everyone knows what time it is LOL)

#GazeROCK on irc.sorcery.net

What you need:
Toxic (duh XD)

Come join us!!!

If you don't have a chat program installed on your comp, don't know how/can't be bothered, but want to chat, here's a webchat:
Just enter a nickname and type #GazeROCK in the channel box!

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SO. [personal profile] ldybastet  got her copy of Toxic yesterday, I still haven't got mine, and I've not heard of any squeeing from [personal profile] zabimitsuki  regarding her copy... And no one else replied to the last post about the listening party XD

That being said, it's probably best if we push this out a week. October 23, let's get together! We haven't yet decided on a time to meet, so post here with suggestions about what time during the day is best, but don't forget about those damn time zones.

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We're soooo close to seeing the release of TOXIC, and we'll all soon have it in our hands! So let's have a listening party! But, this could be tricky with all of us in different countries, so post here what days/times are best for you, so we can coordinate a chat party.

I'm thinking it may be easiest for us to have it on a weekend because of the time differences. What are your thoughts?
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First, a quick clip from Summer Sonic to start things off:

(I'm afraid I have no idea what the sound quality's like, as I'm at work, but at the very least it looks pretty!)

You can see the Remember the Urge outfits in action here (unlike in the PV...) and they look really good! Much better in action, IMO, especially Uruha...

Which (sort of) brings me to my main point - lives! There have been many of them, and we all have our favourites, so what's yours? Personally, I'm very fond of RCE, if only because of Sugar Pain... Feel free to spam this post with pics and videos to make a case for yours! :)
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There's an article plus translations about Ruki's responses to various people congratulating him/them on the release of Vortex up on Music Japan plus. Ruki is truly the Master of Emoticons! LOL (Yes, he's bought a new iPhone, so he's spamming his Twitter account again.)

Find it here!

I think my absolute favourite is ♪(´ε` ). It's just so cute! What's your favourite?
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As we're still waiting impatiently for the Vortex PV to come out (or is that just me?), I thought it might be fun to discuss some of our favourite PVs and, well, squee. Loudly. XD

Two of mine behind the cut )

So, what do you think? Feel free to post links to your favourites and witter on at length about them in the comments. You never know, they might be shiny and new to some of the other members. ;)
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I know there has been some expression of desire to see better pictures of Aoi's new fab hair. This is his new profile picture on Twitter, so it's an official pic, that he's put out into the wild himself. ;)

What do you think?

Personally, I think he looks awesome! I wish he'd stop hiding parts of his face, though. He has such a pretty mouth... But here, his eyes are really gorgeous too, and well, at least the mouth doesn't pull attention away from them? Yeah, avoiding the fact here that the pink will always attract at least 99.8% of the attention at any point in time! LOL Thoughts? Opinions? Ramblings?
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The traditional new single comment by the band is out for Vortex! (*squees* Only a few weeks to go - so excited!) Apologies for the poor quality, I can't find a better version:

They're all so giggly and cute here! :D Guesses as to what Kai promised Uruha to get him to actually talk? Or what the hell Kai is fiddling with all the way through? Actually, any clue at all about what they're saying would be nice. XD

Hopefully these vids aren't a fanclub-only thing, but I'm quite happy to delete this if they are. -_-;

Tokyo Dome

May. 2nd, 2011 06:09 pm
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I've made a post about some of my thoughts after watching the Tokyo Dome Final. If you want to partake in some squeeing and discussion about it, you can find it here. :)
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I mentioned in comments to the first post, the one with the Vortex picture, that I miss the old Reita-hair. So, I felt like posting a pic of it. :)

This is probably from the Maximum Royal Disorder final, or at least one of the concerts in that tour. It's a magazine scan, but I have no idea who's scanned it, sorry. I found it on tumbler, so it's probably wandered around the net without credit for a while. Click for a bigger version.

So, what do you think of the old Reita hair - the fauxhawk, the spikes, etc - and how do you feel about his new, almost-never-changing look? (That was a leading question, wasn't it? Sorry!) Oh, and isn't Uruha's smile just adorable? They both look so happy. :D


Apr. 26th, 2011 06:31 pm
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First post, eh? ;)

We've just devoured the goodness that is the Tokyo Dome DVD (well, metaphorically speaking, mostly, otherwise there'd be some stomach ache, I think), and now we're waiting for the Vortex single.

This picture was originally posted here, and linked to from the GazettE staff Twitter.

So, what do you think of their looks?


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