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He turns 33 today, and he's still as gorgeous as ever!

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February 1st is Ruki's birthday!!! :D This year, he turned 32!

As always, we celebrate with a pic spam, and all of you are invited to participate by posting your favourite pics of him in the comments!

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Am I the only one keeping (and failing) tabs on the members' birthdays? LOL I'm sorry I couldn't post on the actual day! :(

Happy belated 35th birthday to our beloved SuperStar!!!

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So, to celebrate our beloved Leader-san's 32nd birthday, how about a pic spam? I'll post a bunch of pics, and then you'll comment with a few of your favourite ones as well, how does that sound? :D Let's turn this post into a real Kai appreciation monument!!! LOL

Oh, and if you want to tell us about the things you love most about Kai, things you admire about him, what he's meant to you, etc, we'd love to hear about it! :) Bring it on!

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Otanjoubi omedetou, Uruha-san! [_]--^_^/

I put this first pic up on the [community profile] gazepic_a_day, because he looks so happy to show us everything he's got. Here, there are of course many more pics under the cut! Enjoy! :D

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It's already the 27th in Japan, and that means that it is Reita's birthday!!! So therefore, in the grand tradition of this community, this means we'll have a picspam!

Please post your favourite Reita pictures in the comments! :D

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It is Ruki-san's birthday!!! :D He's now 31 years old!

Of course, we celebrate this the only way we can (I sent him a birthday greeting via twitter too), by a picspam! Feel free to join in if you have more pics, and comment with them! Let's get this party started! \o/

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Aoi turned 34 today!!! :D I'd like to wish our beloved guitarist a happy birthday and a great year to come! He's seemed to be a bit down lately, tweeting that he's only heard sad things so far this year... I hope his friends have cheered him up with greetings and presents!

Let's celebrate him here too! Even though he (hopefully!) never will see it! LOL

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Kai day!

Oct. 28th, 2012 01:35 pm
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Happy 31st birthday to our beloved Leader-san! :D

First of all, I'd like to share this with you. It's a translation of his bday blogpost (which is tenchnically fanclub only, but a kind soul translated it, and since it's a very special occasion, no one seems to want to lynch her for it, so I'm going to take the risk of sharing it here too, despite our usual policy of not allowing FC only stuff):

2012/10/28 00:01
Filled with love

Today is that one day of the year when I’m most grateful to the people around me.

I always say this only after everyone has said their congratulations, so this year I want to gather all my gratitude and say thank you to you all before you get to say “congratulations” to me.

To the other members, who let me think of myself as your current drummer.
Thank you.
Let’s work hard together from now on too!

To the staff, who are kind enough to support the GazettE.
Thank you so much for always listening to our selfish opinions and understanding them.
Let us be a bit selfish from now on too! (laugh)

To the fans, who love the GazettE from the bottom of their hearts.
To be honest, I have also reached a quite good age. (laugh)
But still I feel like I’m living the best days of youth right now and it is all thanks to no one else but you. I want this to last forever. Thank you.

To the parent who gave birth to me and raised me.
I was blessed to be your son.
From now on, I hope that I will be able to give you at least something back through the GazettE.
Thank you.

- Kai

(Translation by trauma-radio)

*sniffles* There are so many reasons to love this man! He's just so cute and awesome and sexy and admirable and talented and...

Anyway, what's a birthday post without a picspam? :D

So, under the cut, many pics of our favourite drummer! Please share your own pics as well! And hey, remember the listening party later today! :D

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In Japan, Uruha's birthday is already over, but here we can still celebrate it!!!

I might first have been caught by the air of mystery and badassery of Reita, but as soon as I saw Uruha clearly, my heart was lost to him. Here's to the well-being and continued success of one of the world's finest guitarists. Kanpai! [_]--^_^/

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The 27th of May is a special day, because it's Reita's birthday!!! Congratulations boy, you're 31 now! LOL

Of course, to commemorate this day, we have to have a pic spam! :|D (and naturally, all emoticons should have a noseband!)

Reita, our favourite bassist! <3

No Reita, you can't fly! Now stop scaring the staff and start posing and playing instead!

More Reita hides under the cut )
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Our favourite demon singer/composer/lyric writer is now 30 years old! Happy birthday, Ruki-san!!! Wooohooo! \o/

Birthday wishes to Ruki was actually trending worldwide for a while on Twitter! So... Gazefans have been busy! :)

Ruki has gone through quite a transformation over the years, growing up and maturing. So, in honour of our favourite stage-perv, have a picspam!

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Do you have any favourite pics of Ruki you'd like to share? :D Let's make this an awesome Ruki-post! <3
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No-one's posted about this yet? For shame! ;) Anyway, today happens to be a certain Superstar's birthday. It looks like he had his celebration with the boys on Saturday, if the cake pics floating around tumblr are to be believed, but as I have don't have that to hand, let's look at a cake from a previous year:

So yes, Happy Birthday Aoi! ♥ May you stay gloriously wiggly for years to come, and here's hoping that Kai didn't steal your cake this year...

Feel free to spam the comments with your own pics and links!
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Ruki started it off by surprising Kai with a cake just before he went to bed... (he said on his Twitter)

We'll just continue with happy thoughts and a pic spam, right? Because Kai is our beloved leader-sama, and he deserves to be celebrated! :)


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Is it really..? Yes, it is! It's another birthday! :D

Happy 30th Birthday, Uruha!!! *throws confetti and sparklies*
*・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*

More pictures here under the cut )


May. 27th, 2011 08:58 pm
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Today is a very special day! It's Reita's birthday! :D

It's Cockroach Cake! LOL

Happy 30th Birthday, Reita-san!!! ♥

ETA: Awww, according to Aoi's Twitter, he only had time to send Reita an email wishing him happy birthday, because he was busy making a song. Poor Reita. I hope there was someone who had time to eat cake with him!


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