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Title: His Knight's Prince
Chapter: Sequel to His Prince's Knight
Author: Boots
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Fairy tale AU, romance, drama
Warning: Male-male sex, pool sex
Pairing: Hayato (Codomo Dragon) x Sena (Jiluka)
Disclaimer: Codomo Dragon belongs to BP Records, Jiluka belongs to DPR Japan, I own the story only.
Summary: Sena, a prince and candidate for the throne of Jiluka, has been working hard to overcome the nasty rumors that have dogged him and prove himself worthy to be a leader of his nation. Now, the time has come for him to find out his fate – which may tear him away from the one person who's come to mean everything to him, his knight.
Comments: My muses have changed their collective minds about whether this story is set in the same universe as A Sort of Fairy Tale – it now is. Sena's storyline will be intersecting with that of Princes Yo-ka and Toya in future stories. For vkyaoi's Wet and Wild Challenge.

The prince-candidates were becoming aware that the end of their training was near. )

Second Chances 8/12 Part C

Jul. 18th, 2017 10:15 am
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Title: Second Chances: Captive 
Author: [personal profile] write_my_dreams 
Pairings: Hakuei x MiA,  Jin x MiA, Jin x San 
Genre: AU, supernatural, vampires. 1980s setting. 
Warning: Rape, mind control, slavery
Disclaimer: The band members portrayed do not belong to me but the writing/story and the original characters are mine.
Rating: PG-13
Chapters: 8.3/12
Summary: The desire for blood and sex brings Hakuei to Kabuki-cho one night. A chance encounter at a nightclub brings MiA into his life, giving him a second chance at love and happiness after the death of his beloved wife.
Author's Comment: Finally! I had about half a draft completed for a while, but wound up having to do plenty of rewriting to flesh out the chapter more. Now it's done and in Chapter 9 Hakuei is coming back into the story. I will try to get that out as quickly as I can but I'm doing three different writing challenges for DC so my Nightwing muse is exceptionally active while MiA is... not. 
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 I’ve been meaning for awhile to do a “Why aren’t/weren’t these bands huge?” about bands that I think have been criminally overlooked by the VK community. Maybe it’s just that they haven’t had the right exposure in the west, but all of these bands are something special – and yet, their amount of coverage on Tumbr is minimal, not to mention the amount of ficcage written about them.

The first of these bands is Codomo Dragon, who you might know as That Other BP Band if you’re a fan of Royz and/or Kiryu. But they’re anything but “other.” They’re a fusion of punk, metal and pop with tons of style, great musicianship and unique presentation. Their single Hemlock was, IMHO, the best release of last year. And whenever they bring something out, it always seems fresh – even though they are putting out music at the usual faster-than-the-speed-of-light BP Records pace. (They almost didn’t get signed to BP, by the way. They had approached the label for assistance in making a PV, and BP, which intended to be a two-act company, was going to make the video and send them on their way. Fortunately, Takemasa of Kiryu went to bat for them, and the rest his history).

And I dare anyone to find a better opening riff than the one that kicks off Viper.


The second band is Gotcharocka. If you read my fanfics, you’ve seen they have just a slight presence in there as of late. Just slight. Because they are the quintessential complete VK package on every level – great songs, great musicianship, great personalities and image. The band is a supergroup made up of three VK veterans – Jui from Vidoll, Jun from Phantasmagoria and Toya from Charlotte – and they fit together as if they’ve been a band their entire lives. Their style is pop-metal with some influences from jazz and even, occasionally, show tunes – these guys know their stuff. Shortcake is a song and video that absolutely never fails to make me smile (they had a fourth member, bassist Shingo, at the time it was done). Kyousou Royale is just a theatrical song and video all the way around (and it’s my all-time favorite look for this band).


And the third band is, alas, one that I found only after they disbanded – Moran. I regret I wasn’t around for their heyday, because this is probably one of the most amazing VK groups I’ve come across. They had true musical sophistication. They were able to pull off everything from jazz-rock to electronica with equal grace and style (and always looked good doing it – vocalist Hitomi has unbelievable charisma even by VK standards). Their ballads were to-die-for gorgeous. They were a group that deserved to be around forever and play Budokan – but unfortunately, it didn’t work out that way. At least their body of work is still hanging around for people to discover – and be amazed. (Just to be on the safe side, the second PV features snakes, in case that's a trigger for anyone.)


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