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So, today was the final of the Magnificent Malformed Box tour: CODA. Sadly, imo, they did not play Sugar Pain, even though they have played it several times during the tour, so my wish to see that on the DVD is crushed. *sniff* (Full set list here! And a pic of some of the tour goods here.) Apparently, there was no pamphlet for the final! o.o They hadn't made a pretty pamphlet/photo book!!! :( This surprises me, I have to say, and I wonder what the reason for that was.

But, as always, they revealed a lot of cool stuff:

* A DVD of the final, to be released May 21
* In March, a Heresy only standing live tour, starting on the band's birthday, called Nameless Liberty Disorder Heaven
* During the summer, Pulse Wriggling to DIM Scene tour
* And in the autumn, another live tour called Groan of Venomous Cell

Looks like the themes of these tours will be their old albums, starting in March with Disorder and NIL songs.

So, the band will be busy as always! I hope they don't get overworked, and will find some time to also rest and have fun outside doing band things. :D

And now I wait impatiently for the release of the World Tour DVD... soooon! :) Did any of you preorder it? Anyone planning on buying the CODA DVD?

Date: 2014-01-12 02:18 pm (UTC)
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Replied on the LJ post, but . . .

I think the burning question of the CODA DVD is . . . are we going to get The Jump this time? We haven't had one since Tokyo Dome!


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